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Diaper rash yeast infections

My one year one constantly has yeast infections. We change his diaper all the time we’ve change diapers baby wipes. He literally can not be in his poop long as soon as we smell it we have to immediately change if not his behind starts to get real red. Is there anything or any cream to help the rash. We’ve tried triple paste, a & d, off brand a & d, Lard, vasaline. Is there anything that we can try for his sensitive bottom? Does anyone else go through this?

  • Ashlea
    Mar 11

    Have you used an anti fungal? We use nystatin and it works super fast

  • Jessica
    Mar 11

    No we’ve been given this but we can only put it on twice a day.

  • Heidi
    Mar 11

    Aquaphor is the best!

  • Jenn
    Mar 11

    Use a solution of apple cider vinegar and water...2 parts water to 1 part ACV. ACV is a natural anti-fungal. Whenever you change him, put a little on with a cotton ball and let it dry. You can put aquaphor over it. It may sting when you put it on, and if he seems like it hurts, just add more water. I do this with my LO and anything that remotely looks like yeast goes away within a couple days.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 11

    We use aquaphor. But my sons butt gets really red if he sits in it longer than a few min. I think that’s common, esp because he eats a lot of fruit

  • Laura
    Mar 11

    Our doc said use diaper cream with zinc + clotrimazole to get rid of yeast infections

  • Lisa
    Mar 11

    Aquaphor works great, when that doesn’t work I have used monestat 7, the 7 day feminine yeast cream. Clears it up great!

  • Natasha
    Mar 11

    I was told to mix a little lotrimin with butt paste For 5 days twice a day. It has worked wonders!!

  • Ivy
    Mar 11

    I second apple cider vinegar. Get the raw unfiltered kind. I put some in a spray bottle and spritzed it every diaper change, and gave lots of diaperless air time

  • Ira
    Mar 11

    You should talk to your pedia. And try giving him baths with epsom salt.

  • Sara
    Mar 11

    Try ilex! It was a lifesaver for my daughter's really really bad diaper rash when she was a baby: (the only thing that worked)

  • Katie
    Mar 11

    If they are yeast infections I would also look into his diet. I have struggled with yeast infections from infancy, which are now only managed properly through maintaining a special diet. My doctors have all told me that if they had been addressed when I was an infant it probably would have diminished the serious health complications they have caused me as an adult. Try cutting out gluten, yeast, diary and sugars (mainly refined/processed sugars) and see if they makes any difference for his sensitivity and yeast production. If he does start to do better on the diet then slowly add in only one food group at a time to see if he has a reaction to just select foods or all of the groups. It’s a lot of work, but may help him significantly in the long run.

  • anonymous mom
    Mar 12

    A good daily probiotic can do wonders for yeast infections!!

  • Stephanie
    Mar 12

    Yes! My 1.5 year had this problem off and on for awhile. It is awful! The pain that they are in is hard to bear. My boy would shake he was in so much pain! Everytime he starts to get slightly red we put anti-fungal cream on him for a couple of days. It has kept the rashes at bay a few months now. Our doctor said it has a lot to do with teething. Their bodily fluids become more acidic apparently. Our boy was even getting rashes on his chin from his saliva. Something else we did when he had the rash was to give him a bath with 1 cup of vinegar every night. It helped sooo much! Doctor said he had to soak in it at least 20 mins.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 13

    Elimination Communication!

  • Breanna
    Mar 16

    Nystatin works great my daughter had a yeast infection when she got Thrush. Her pediatrician proscribe Nystatin and within a day I noticed improvement. Corn starch works great on a basic rash

  • Sarah
    Mar 20

    Maybe it's a food or diaper allergy