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Diaper rash/bumps

Any mommies tried anything that worked for your little ones diaper rash? ive tried buttpaste & destin... nothing is working

  • Jenn
    Apr 04

    Diluted apple cider vinegar...3 parts water to 1 part ACV. I usually put that on, let it dry, and then put aquaphor over it.

  • Jess
    Apr 04

    We use this. We use cloth diapers so had to find something compatible with those but we love this... 1-2 applications and it is usually gone.

  • Laura
    Apr 04

    It could be a yeast infection, not diaper rash.

  • Lindsay
    Apr 04

    Also do lots of naked time after changing his diaper, before and after bath,etc. - as much as you can. Truly of everything these helped the most

  • Pad
    Apr 04

    Antibiotics can cause diaper rash... a work around is waiting 1-2 after giving amoxicillin/medicine then introducing yogurt. The antibiotics kill both the good and bad bacteria. the good bacteria which lines the stomach needs to be reintroduced and a good option is yogurt. Without it you will sometimes see diaper rashes. Wiping could irritate the area so use a warm rags and pat gently to clean and allow to fully air dry before applying destin. To speed up the process of air drying we have successfully used a blow dryer but on the cool setting

  • Brittany
    Apr 04

    Baby buttz works great for my son and niece. I find it at Mariano’s

  • Cristina
    Apr 05

    CJ’s butter

  • Tina
    Apr 05

    Triple paste medicated ointment has been the most effective for us.

  • Kara
    Apr 06

    Gold Bond Medicated baby powder or Manuka cream

  • Jessie
    Apr 07

    Maybe see a pediatrician, if it isn’t going away. For my kids I used water wipes, had plenty of time without a diaper to let the rash dry out, and I mixed destin with weleda calendula

  • Mama
    Apr 10

    Colloidal silver!

  • Josh
    Apr 10

    My wife and I have been using mothers love! It’s a little pricey but it works well when others don’t. We have 3 kids and it worked well for all of them. Good luck