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Did you notice a difference in your child's behavior after they started daycare?

I know my son very well. I kept him home for his first year but now that he's 12 months both my husband and I have exhausted our leave and we have had to put him in daycare. To me he's my baby but technically he's a toddler so the daycare placed him in the toddlers room. The first week we put him in for half days only and each day that he came home he seemed hyper at first then he would calm down. What bothered me was that for that first hour he wouldn't look me in the eyes unless I really tried to get his attention. Once he settled down he would play and interact like I know him to. He was clingy the first week which I expected and I made sure to focus on him and give him my full and undivided attention while at home. This week he was in the class full time and he seems a little calmer but I'm still concerned. Of course I read all the notes the teachers gives and I look at all the pictures they send in hopes of getting a glimmer of what is going on during the day. I notice that my full of life happy son isn't smiling in any of the pictures they send me. I plan on heading to the daycare during my lunch hour every day next week to see what's going on and get a feel for what they are doing with my son and how he is adjusting. Did you notice a change in your child's behavior when they started daycare? If so what changed? How long did it take for your child to fully adjust? How long did it take you to fully adjust? .

  • Andrea
    Apr 11

    Following (I worry about my son too.)

  • Anonymous
    Apr 11

    You being there and leaving is going to be really hard on him. Just a warning. It takes time for him to adjust especially after being home so long. He will find a teacher to bind with and start having more fun

  • Mimi
    Apr 12

    How long has your son been in daycare? It took my son over 6 weeks to adjust and be comfortable enough to be himself again. I started putting him in daycare at 2.5 years old. Before that he was mostly with his grandparents who spoiled the heck out of him. So not only was he no longer getting one on one attention, he also had to adjust to a new schedule (wake up at 6:30AM instead of 9AM), new types of food, being told what to do, getting sick more often… So it was definitely a huge adjustment and his behavior did change at home too for the first few weeks. Then he slowly got used to the schedule, then he got more comfortable, and he’s finally really enjoying it now. At first he wasn’t smiling in any pictures either (very unusual for him), but now he’s always smiling and having fun. Think of how life changing it must be for your baby. If you were moved to a new city where you didn’t know anyone, you might take a few weeks, maybe even months to adjust and be yourself again. If you really think in your gut that something is off at the daycare, then you definitely should drop in and see for yourself. If not, I agree with the other poster who said it’s going to be really hard on him to have you there and then leave again. I think it might be confusing and it’ll take longer for him to adjust. I hope your baby adjusts quickly, it was a very tough month for all of us when mine was going through that!

  • Jennifer
    Apr 25

    How long has your kid been in daycare? My daughter went to her daycare when she was 18 months old. Especially she didn't like to be held by strangers. It took her a month to get used to. Then she was happy as can be, always coming home smiling. My co-workers daughter once went to a preschool for 6 months. Then one day, her daughter just continuously wake up crying and screaming at night. The parent felt there was something wrong with the daycare. When the parent question the school, they said nothing was wrong. But the parent instinct immediately remove the child from that school. There are bad daycares out there that I've heard horror stories. So my advise would be to continue to monitor your child behavior. If your child has been there for awhile and is coming home unhappy then something is definitely fishy. Have you read the other post that the mom say her daughter came home with red mark all around her wrist because the teacher pulled her when the daughter refuse to nap? Things like that are just unacceptable and we never know what happens behind close doors.