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Did your kids participate in National Walkout Day? How did you talk to them about it?

  • Tara
    Mar 14, 2018

    We were in SF with the first women’s marches and our then 4m old came along to show support 😉 seriously though, I fully intend to involve them in such events so as to hopefully raise aware and engaged citizens... let’s see!

  • Lizabeth
    Mar 14, 2018

    My kids high and middle and some in elementary did but not their grades. Preschool and Kindergarten. Probably too young. My kids wore red though

  • Diane
    Mar 14, 2018

    The kids in our high school walked out- over a third of them. The student leaders involved discussed with the administration beforehand and agreed to walk out to an enclosed outside area to keep safe and secure. They were very respectful and did not pressure students who did not want to participate either. Our school handled it by acknowledging that it was going to happen but that it was a student led action and not a school event. They restricted the community from participating with the students. They had discussions with teachers to continue classroom instruction but with an awareness that many students may not be in attendance for a portion of the class period. I thought the students made their point to acknowledge gun violence without any major disruption to the school day and I thought out administration supported student growth and voice by not trying to make the event punitive.

  • Diann
    Mar 16, 2018

    I support NRA bullies needs to stop treating kids like they do parents need to talk to their kids about this

  • Adriana
    Mar 18, 2018

    My daughter walked out along with what seemed like her entire Jr high school. I am proud of her for doing so. She explained to me what the walk out was for and why. I wanted to make sure she fully understood this movement.