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Discipline for 3yr Olds


Seeking advice on discipline and cutting down on the whining for 3yr old twins. I feel like I spend all day lately telling them “No!” And I can’t take the whining lately. Advice? Is this normal?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 11

    I have 3 yo now, my friends advice to me was , 'things will get better when he's 4'. Just remember they have only been here 3 years, they are learning and absorbing everything. I haven't figure out how to stop the whining, good luck!

  • Nicollette
    Aug 12

    Things don’t get better! Lol just kidding. My 4 year old is louder and stronger and has a better vocabulary. I’ve had to change my mentality and remember that childhood lasts but so long. I try to talk through trying moments. I try not to yell and try to speak with care and respect. Discipline for us is restrict and remove privileges like songs before bed, bubbles in the bath, tickles before bed etc.

  • Ali
    Aug 12

    Read how toddlers thrive. It gives good insight into how their brains work. Besides that, patience and taking away attention when they're whining ("I can't listen to you when you talk like that"). Good luck!

  • Jennifer
    Aug 13

    The best results come from when you stay calm and collected! As hard as it is, don’t let it get to you!! I often use “I can’t hear you when you whine” or “let me know when you’re done crying and we can talk” so that they get it out of their system rather than playing into it and giving the negative attention. It’s mighty difficult especially on certain days but stay strong & good luck!!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t say no as much. Tell them let’s do something else. Try more positive. I have two crazy boys and saying no will not work. But their daycare and school teachers and counselors say to stop saying no. And with whining I honestly just tell them to stop whining. it doesn’t work. We don’t whine.