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Discipline for strong willed kids


I don’t know what I’m doing as a parent! I can’t effectively discipline my 3yr old. He’s very strong willed and constantly testing me. 1 example: he knows he’s not supposed to cross the street without an adult and yesterday he ran x the street without me. I was screaming stop (I can’t run- I’m recovering from surgery) but he ignored me. I gave him a stern talking to after. Then a few min later he did it again! What would you do? I’m reading 123 magic but honestly it sounds like a lot of work to implement.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Mar 11

    Try the no drama discipline book. I don’t know 123 magic, so I can’t compare. But honestly effective discipline takes work, especially for the parents mentally. Staying calm and collected and logical instead of getting emotional with your child is very hard. I’m confident your three year old isn’t the only one who has defied you running across a street. I do suggest if you can’t run or move quick, not putting yourself in situations when there is danger until he starts following your instructions better (or you recover). Feel better and hang in there.

  • Mel
    Mar 11

    Raising Your Spirited Child, Third Edition