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Distracted 4month old in the daytime!’

I pump so much extra during the week I can donate. Which is great. But on weekends when I’m nursing, I’m engorged so much bc she goes 4-5 hours without nursing, I bring my Haaka and could probably donate from wherever I am! I actually filled up the bottles I had with me I had to leave some milk in the Haaka with the lid, can’t wait to store it when I get home. How are others dealing with this??

  • Katrina
    Oct 22, 2018

    For some moms I've known, they've powered through and kept pumping to donate, and just accepted some level of discomfort and inconvenience. I've known other moms who work to slow milk production so mom is only producing what baby eats, or baby plus just a tiny extra and find it more convenient. There are options both ways. Are there things you would like to hear more about?

  • cocomac
    Oct 22, 2018

    @katrina I really enjoy being able to donate, since I know some moms have low supply and I feel lucky. My supply has actually regulated from before, I use to be a huge over producer. Would love to hear about this situation! Thank you!!