San Francisco, CA

Do any of you have their little ones in Mills Montessori School in South San Francisco? I got new job (yay!), and am considering putting my almost 2-year old daughter there for preschool. Also, thoughts on preschool at 2? Too early? We had a very nurturing daycare for her up until a few months ago. I’m also not sure how I feel about her sleeping on a mat on the floor as opposed to a pack-and-play like she did in her old school. Pic for attention

  • Rebecca
    Mar 05, 2018

    Did anybody respond or did you end up there? I’m also considering the school. Btw my daughter has always slept on mars at preschool, most schools do this and she’s always been fine.

  • Doreen
    Apr 02, 2018

    Jigesha & Rebecca, did you guys move forward with Mills? We are scheduled for a tour.