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Dock a tot


My 8 month old currently co-sleeps with us in her dock a tot. After reading reviews I don’t want to go up to the next size. Any tips for transitioning her to a pack n play would be welcome

  • Kerry
    Dec 28

    Try putting the doc a tot in the pack n play to begin with give her a few days like that then remove the doc a tot. Put the pack and play next to your bed so she is still near you then move it further away of to her own room if thats what you want.

  • Lauren
    Jan 01

    Similar situation recently- moved from bassinet to crib. I started getting her to nap in the crib to get her used to it before sleeping in the crib at night. After a few naps she was totally comfortable with the move. Also- Kerry’s suggestion, I’ve heard that working really well too.