Does anyone find it hard to get to know other parents in your kids class? My son just started kindergarten and I'd like to get to know other parents but it just seems weird to initiate a conversation on school grounds when everyone's so busy. Am I the only one who cares to know other parents or do others feel the same way too?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 22, 2017

    Thanks everyone for your advice and anecdotes! Maybe some moms just wanna be left alone? My theory is that those who seem to be unfriendly already have an older child as well and they already formed their mommy network around that child. For the younger one they don't make as much of an effort.

  • Rena
    Sep 26, 2017

    Birthday parties might be a good way to connect with kids and parents outside or school hours.

  • sandy
    Sep 26, 2017

    My son's school just had coffee with the principle she did a great job getting parent's to meet each other, it was great! I didn't expect that at the coffe with principal day. Also I'm planning to volunteer that's a great way to meet other mom's. Does your child school have a parent center? Also room parent is a great way to meet parent's our class will have each others email and number basic info so we can communicate when school has activities going on so we can all discuss who & what.

  • Z
    Sep 26, 2017

    I’d like to, but feel it’s more difficult because I’m a Dad.

  • Katie
    Sep 26, 2017

    I've been able to volunteer at my son's school but only volunteered to help out with class materials and book orders but that has given me a reason to talk to the other parents. It's not as uncomfortable than just walking up and saying hi. I feel weird and awkward meeting new people so maybe that can help break the ice with other parents.

  • WMc
    Sep 26, 2017

    I'm a working mom of 3, with the oldest being 7 and forging mom friendships is a huge challenge. The most effective thing so far, between all the birthday parties, playdate attempts, book club starts, volunteering in the class, etc. has been a semi-regular "mom's night out" that gets organized by a different mom every 2 or so months in my oldest class. And someone decides to take it on, sends an evite to all the moms. It's usually at a restaurant or wine bar on a weeknight post bed, but sometimes a weekend walk or brunch. Then you get to know others moms, and approaching some at drop off or at birthday parties gets less awkward. And you start to make connections. But give it time. As in, a full year of time. We are all so busy and have the best intentions, but it's hard to coordinate time with someone else and also feel like you are creating a fulfilling friendship

  • Shakira
    Sep 26, 2017

    It's harder here to do so, unless kids to the same activities. But dont be afraidto spark a conversation. My daughter is in 4th grade if anyone wants to talk let me know

  • Julius Kammerl
    Sep 28, 2017 c r yfkk

  • Malon Bruce
    Sep 28, 2017

    My sons only 18 months(in a week) and im struggling with this even now lol 😩

  • Dulce
    Sep 29, 2017

    It’s hard. I sometimes pounce on other parents who seem “cool”... because it’s so hard to have any kind of social life when you’re completely absorbed in the life of your little ones. So when you encounter a child that your kid(s) get along with, who have parents you hit it off with, it’s like hitting the lottery. 😂

  • Stephanie
    Oct 01, 2017

    I’m new here too. I’ve found the easiest way to break the ice is walk straight up to them and say “hi I’m Stephanie, I haven’t met you yet. How’s it going?” Remember, if you’re in the same room with someone, chances are you have something in common. In this case, it’s the kids! Ask them questions about themselves, how long they’ve been involved in the school, etc. They may not be approaching you because they’re shy themselves :) good luck!

  • Fabrice
    Oct 03, 2017

    My take is that you don’t necessarily have to be friends with your kids classmate parents. Get involved with the school for your kids sake. If you happen to make friends with other parents that’s great but I wouldn’t see it as a goal. For some parents schools may be the best place to make friends, but there are plenty of other places that would work better for others. We have our own friends as adults, and honestly my social calendar is pretty full already! And don’t try to keep up with the Joneses, stay true to yourself.

  • Jennifer
    Oct 03, 2017

    I just went to a class play date after school at the park and it was fun. Informal and carefree. Our preschool class has a group distribution list, and a parent invited everyone out for some fun.

  • Trang
    Nov 02, 2017

    I am at the same boat. I feel very shy to start a conversation with other parents though I want to do it so much. I hope to join in parent group where my kids could get a closer relationship with their classmate but it seems so weird everytime I come and say hi to them. Nothing more after that because everyone seems busy and have no willingness to continue the conversation.

  • Jay
    Nov 05, 2017

    My daughter is also in kindergarten and her teacher has this app called remind me. Basically she can send all the parents updates on each kid but the parents can also message one another. One mom invited the whole class to her daughters birthday party and it was a success.

  • Jenni
    Sep 21, 2018

    Hi, just joined the app today and saw this was a trending question. I have a 9 year old and twins in kindergarten. I thought it was hard to connect with other parents but it takes time. Now that my daughter is in 3rd we have been with the same families for several years now and things have warmed up over time. Granted our school is good about designating a grade level coordinater to arrange monthly mom and dads nights out and other social events with the kids like play date in the park etc. if your school doesn’t arrange this why not take the lead yourself? It will be worthwhile and you will be appreciated by many I’m sure. Good luck!

  • tytg
    Apr 08, 2019

    Hi- I noticed this is a very common issue around school ground, particularly primary school. I'm quite lucky that my wife takes the initiative to meet up many moms, and take the leadership role in forming that social inner circle. However I personally feel that circle needs to expand. As there will always be issues that your social circle will not be able to support, that you will need to reach outside your social circle. It's monumental task to build up that social circle from single digit to double digit or triple digit.