Does anyone have an advice on going out solo with 2 kids under two?

  • Queenb4207
    Jun 24

    Well I guess it just depends on where you're going. Just make sure you have sippy cups or bottles incase they get fussy. And plenty of snacks.

  • Anne
    Jun 24

    Snacks, snacks, and more snacks. I try to time our errands when the youngest recently woke from nap so that we aren’t as rushed when we’re out and about.

  • Pad
    Jun 24

    2 under 2 Father here.. go early or after nap time. Stuff the youngest with milk.. lol a fully belly before departing and feed the oldest snacks along the way.

  • Anne
    Jun 25

    Former mom of 2 under 2 here! A good double stroller is very important. We had one that allowed the seats to fully recline, which was great when we were out and one of them needed a nap. I also used those little monkey backpacks with the leash. It gave me some piece of mind that one of them wasn’t going to run off while I had my back turned. Pick your battles. Don’t go somewhere they can run in two different directions and lose you. If they are both unrestrained try to be in an enclosed space with only one exit!

  • Sara
    Jun 26

    If you're outnumbered, my advice is to wear the littlest one. I would put the baby in the carrier so I could chase the other one / have my hands free to help her. I also had a stroller that either one could fit in so that I could restrain one if I needed to tend to the other. Also the only "safe" way to go to the bathroom when you're out with two very small children is to have one that you're wearing and the other strapped into a stroller... or have them both strapped into a double stroller. I definitely agree with the snacks/food. Even now that my kids are older, it's still hard to be outnumbered and snacks are my best tool if I need to keep one of them occupied.

  • Aya
    Jul 01

    Mom of twins. I always take a double stroller (to avoid situations where I would have to carry two), or if they don't enjoy that, we take a wagon. In general though, I try to avoid taking them out anywhere besides the park...

  • Emma
    Jul 02

    Take double stroller