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Does anyone have special needs kids

  • Heather
    Apr 05, 2019

    I do! My amazing 12 year old son, Gavin, was born with developmental delays (fine & gross motor)/speech delays. He has intellectual disabilities, ADHD, a mild form of autism and an anxiety disorder. His developmental age averages to the equivalent of a 6 yr old, although some skills like self care and self control are more like that of age 2 or 3. It is believed that his disabilities were caused by a yet to be identified genetic issue. He is the most amazing little man and is full of love and kindness! He is also the hardest working kiddo I know!

  • Kaitlyn
    Apr 13, 2019

    Yes! But she’s super small at the moment (9 wks 5 adjusted). Baby G has two rare conditions called Fibular Hemimelia and Congenital Short Femur. Basically her bones never developed properly so her thigh is 2 cm short and part of her shinbone is too short to connect to her ankle. We’re thinking if not corrected it’ll be an 8 inch different when she hits puberty. Right now she’s so small to walk its no big deal, but with with it comes other complications to her hips, which have caused her to wear a Pavlik Harness for 9 weeks. Holding her and comforting her is a challenge but on the good days she’s a wonderful loving little baby! Hopefully the harness fixes her hips and we can move on to her next phase (surgeries).