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Does anyone know of any plants or animals I could try to attract to help with a spider problem?

We have a had horrible spider issues for years . These spiders are absolutely huge. I came home one night and found a huge fuzzy brown spider ( clearly not a daddy long leg or banana spider ) hanging out on my door step in the garage . By huge I mean like radio active huge , I was starting to wonder if I lived in Aussie or something it was at least 4 inches in diameter. We have had other giant spiders webbing out side the house of which I am pretty sure one was a black widow . We have had them hanging out in the storage closets out side . We have a huge tree out back and two smaller ones in front . But we aren’t covered with tress. We do have pest control come out once a year but it’s almost like a reassurance sometimes with them. I thought about getting a bat house or bird feeders or something .

  • Annette
    Aug 14, 2018

    Try to spray white vinegar, dont dilute it with water do it like every day and take some time to clean the webbs it will take a while but be persistant, if you want something more aggresive but effective, use chlorine, of course safety first, make sure you use gloves and something for your eyes and nose. Hope it helps 😊