Does Santa brings gifts to adults too?

Asking from a 1st time parent to a toddler who’s into the holidays now & is very excited about Christmas. I know each family has their “traditions”. I’m just curious, besides Santa filling up the stockings with little gifts, can he bring presents to Dad, Mom & other adults too? I didn’t grew up here in the US, I grew up in Asia (Philippines), we do love Christmas but more as being Catholics & less of Santa & other traditions here. My husband’s family just give presents mostly to the kids (from Santa) & do an Exchange Gift aka Secret Santa among adults, but instead of saying its from Santa, they would put their name. I just want my toddler to feel that Santa is very generous not just to kids, he’s our only kid for now, feels a bit sad not to wrap too many “Santa gifts” (learned to use a different gift wrap from Santa). Thanks & Happy Holidays!

  • Stacey
    Nov 30

    In our family Santa gives gift to the adults too.

  • PK
    Nov 30

    Right now, Santa only gives gifts to kids lol. My son is 2 and doesn’t really notice right now anyway. And I think when he gets older and he asks, I’ll just say that the gift Santa brought for us is the joy on his face

  • Kieli
    Dec 01

    I was having a hard time figuring out which gifts I wanted to be from Santa and which from mom & dad ... ultimately I made every gift from Santa in exception to one gift for both kids. I made this (hard) decision after thinking I want them to be excited for Santa the holidays, and I can spoil them with gifts on birthdays. And I may have 1 gift to mom and dad from Santa, just because I want this to be as believeable for as long as possible!

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Dec 02

    Santa (for our house) usually brings something mom and dad need, like kitchen towels or sneakers or toothbrushes.

  • antigrav_kids
    Dec 04

    When I was a kid, Santa totally brought presents to my parents. Also, one of the perks of Santa was that they didn't wrap gifts. If it was sitting out unwrapped, it was from Santa.