Dogs that are good with active kids? Is getting a dog a good option for kids?

My son is 7 years old. Only child. I’m thinking about getting him a dog but I want to here other peoples opinions about having a dog (pros & cons).

  • Kieli
    Mar 27

    Before I got pregnant we had a black lab. She is now almost 4, and is still pretty active. But what I love most about her is she lets my 21 month old do anything to her, I mean anything. With your son being older you don’t have to worry about that as much, but it is awesome to not have to worry about my daughter getting bit/growled at by the dog. The cons would be if you get a puppy, potty training, chewing, and training in general. Also, it will need shots, and to be spayed/neutered, and lots of attention. I think it’s worth it because I love dogs and have always grown up with them

  • Triny
    Mar 27

    We have a boxer that its been with us since a puppy... my daughter came later.. we have no issue with the dog, actually im so glad we have him... he loves my daughter since before she was born. He was always at my feet when i was pregnant. Now she is 3 and they get a long well.. he is the best dog we could ever found. By the way is a boxer.

  • Joe
    Mar 28

    Dogs are great, if the dog tolerates kids. My pit is scared of my daughter, but she’s slowly coming around. (I’ve had the pit longer than my daughter has been alive.) My girlfriends dog loves my girl, and lets her do whatever she wants to him. Ride him. Read to him. Etc.

  • Katie
    Mar 28

    Dogs are the best, last summer/fall I ended up having to put my dogs down for two different health reasons. I miss them terribly. So does my 3 year old, we are now looking for a dog for us. I just had my 2nd child so we've been waiting till after baby arrived. I would say do research and find a dog that will fit your family, and soon you will have a best friend.

  • Mackenzie
    Mar 28

    My German Shepard is very playful with my 5 and 6 year old. Very protective of them as well.

  • Rye
    Mar 28

    I love all these! Definitely going to do my research on finding the right one for us but I appreciate all your responses. Extremely helpful for me.

  • Lindsay
    Mar 28

    We have two dogs and an 18mo old! We talk a lot about respecting their space and things just like they are required to respect your space and things. Both of my dogs are about 5/6yo (rescues) and we’re well beyond their puppyhood/adolescence when the baby came into the household. My dogs also come to work with me and get to roam about so they get lots of exercise and play time. A good dog is a tired dog. The important thing is to teach your kid basic common sense safety about how to touch/play/interact with a dog and I ALWAYS recommend hiring a professional trainer to help you do this (especially if it’s your first dog). They can teach you how to interact, how to train (which is honestly the best way to build a relationship) and how to stay safe as you and your child learn what it means to be a dog owner! Also any rescue dog (very worthwhile) will have an adjustment period in your house that a trainer can help you get past smoothly. Puppies have this too but of course they’re puppies so every DAY is an adjustment period as they grow up and learn!

  • Anonymous
    Mar 29

    It's a big decision, like adopting a new member. Who is going to be responsible for the dog? You or your son? Are you willing to care and train the dog, because even at age 7 you are pretty much asking him to raise a toddler himself. If it's his first pet and he doesn't have experience with any pets previously (or you don't) then I would suggest getting a Hedgehog. Not what you were expecting huh? Hedgehogs are pretty easy to raise and can be kept in a large aquarium. It can "play" or exercise in a large hamster ball and it can be fed cat food regularly with supplements vitamins once or twice a month-ish. The hedgehog will teach a young child to be gentle with pets - even 7yr old can be a bit rough with furry animals. The father of my kids 1-3 basically turned our home into a zoo with all the "pets" exotic and furry he brought into the home. It's my opinion that the Hedgehog was the best first pet ever and anyone thinking about a first pet should get one before even a pet fish! At the time I had a two year old who would handle the Hedgehog (with supervision) and now he is very gentle with any dog or cat. Just something to think about.

  • Alec
    Mar 29

    Get him a Siberian husky. Best decision I’ve ever made for myself, my family, and my son. I would recommend a female husky, mine is around 35-40 pounds and is an absolute sweetheart.

  • Rye
    Mar 31

    We’ve her at the SPCA hopefully all the adoption paper work goes through

  • J
    Apr 04

    Beagle. Hands down. Best dog with kids.

  • Anne
    Apr 16

    We have a Black Russian Terrier. By far one of the greatest breeds. He is huge, plays fetch endlessly, doesn’t shed (unless he really needs a bath), and has the best temperament. Pros of having a dog: teaches your kid responsibility; protection Cons: do you have the time, space, energy?