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Drinking water


I have an 8 month old boy and i have been told by his pcp to try and start giving him water and maybe on a sippy cup... but he cant even drink without choking even if i try to give him water with a baby spoon... am i the only mom scared..? Is my son the only one who chokes on water? Am I doing something wrong? What did you moms do when giving water for the first time? Need some help....

  • Anonymous
    Apr 20

    Choking and gagging are two different things. He's not going to choke on sips of water, he just needs to get used to the different texture and taste, just like with solids, and the sippy cup is probably giving it to him too fast. Some sippy cups have a piece on the inside that gives different flow options. Just keep trying, or try a different cup

  • Jackie
    Apr 21

    Our little one was interested in adult cups at like 6/7 months so we could give her sips out of our cup. She’s 9 months old now and doesn’t have much water. When we do give her water we just put in her regular baby bottle.

  • Sara
    Apr 21

    Try a straw cup (little baby cup with a straw). My baby got the hang of that because it’s a similar sucking to a bottle/breast. Also a little choking is ok as long as he can cough it out and recover on his own and you are there monitoring. He’ll get the hang of it.

  • Alexis
    Apr 24

    I found that starting with a straw cup was so much easier. In fact, we've never used traditional sippies. We use straw cups and 360 cups. Also, second what PP said. It sounds like your babe is gagging, which is ok, not choking. Choking is totally silent and means they cant breath. Gagging is when they splutter and make gargly sounds. This is just how they learn and experience new tastes and textures! Just make sure you monitor him until he gets used to the food/drink so his gagging doesnt turn into choking. I'd recommend doing a little research on baby led weaning. Even if you dont want to do it, theres lots of info about how babies learn to eat. :)

  • Samantha
    Apr 24

    I started with a straw cup - it was way easier for her to go from breast to cup that way!

  • Molina
    Apr 30

    Hello. I have been using the Nuby 2 Two-Handle No-Spill Super Spout Grip N' Sip Cup, It’s an 8 Ounce cup, but I only add a little of water, so that my baby is able to use it herself. She has been using and like it so much since she was 4 months old. It really does not spills water, unless baby is playing with it. Which also has helped with her teething, when she chews on it. My baby did not liked any pacifier, nor any teething product I have tried on, 😊. Hope this helps. Blessings to all.