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Drying Up Breastmilk Concerns

I've started the process of drying up my milk. I was already nursing my 9 month old on a 4 hour feeding schedule (he sleeps through the night, so it was basically 4 feedings a day). Last week I nursed him morning and bedtime, gave him bottles for the middle two, and only pumped once during. Then for about three days I dropped the midday pump, and then dropped the morning feeding. I offically stopped earlier this week and have been doing great so far (taking Benedryl at night and using peppermint oil on my breasts). I'm starting to feel a little engorged and I think I can feel some clogged ducts forming, too. I've tried to gentle massage them but I don't want to over stimulate them and create let-down. I'm not wanting to pump, obviously, but I'm really concerned about mastitis. Any tips/thoughts?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 26

    My doctor told me to take Sudafed to dry up! It helped dry me up. In addition, I iced them when they were sore. If you are worried I’d say just try hand expressing a small amount in the shower. Obviously you wanna avoid mastitis, even if you delay a complete dry up for a few days to prevent it. For me, I never touched mine, I completely let them be and I was fine. But of course all boobs are different!