Due in 2 months.

I am pregnant with our second and our 1st is going to be two. I am due in 2 months and I was wondering how you mamas dealt with being in the hospital without your other children, who watched your kids? I was in the hospital the first time for 5 days and I’m hoping I won’t be there that long this time.

  • Jennifer
    May 01

    Sad to say.....when I had my 2nd one, my 1st had to stay home with MIL when I was in labor, he was 3 1/2 at that time. Then the next day, instead of my husband staying in hospital with me, he had to stay home to take care of my son as my MIL works and doesn't like taking care of little kids. So the 2 days after labor in hospital, I had to stay there all by myself. It was awful as I so badly want my husband there with me.

  • K
    May 01

    My son was a few months shy of 3 when I had my twins. My husband took care of him. He dropped him to a woman who watched him when he was a baby for a few hours, and he’d take him to visit me in the afternoon before they went home. I was in the hospital for 4 days. I missed him, especially because it was the first time I was away from him, but I knew I needed to rest and take advantage of the time I had there to heal.

  • Sara
    May 01

    My aunt came to stay with me so she could be with my older one when I went into labor (which of course was the middle of the night). I was so nervous about going into labor before she arrived (she lives across the country). My plan if that happened was just to take an Uber to the hospital and have my husband stay with my older one until we could get someone to come over. My advice would be to have a few people you can call and get your older one comfortable with them in advance. If you don’t know anyone you can try to find a babysitter specifically for this purpose (and bonus is that may be a person who can also help you out with the older one after the baby comes home too!)

  • Lily
    May 01

    I am in the same boat as you, due 2 months from now and will have a almost 2 year old at home. My mother in law is coming a little over two weeks before I am due. I am planning on making my husband stay with the little one as much as possible too. My little one is with me 24 it will be really hard for her. But I plan on having her come visit as much as possible and also trying to get home as fast as I can!

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    May 01

    So when my first was 17 months old, I had my second. My brother watched him during labor, and then we got the pack n play, and both my son and husband slept at the hospital that night with me.

  • Ashlea
    May 01

    I think at that age I wouldn’t want to be away from them for too long, I have heard of people keeping there older children with them at the hospital! I have also heard of hospitals not allowing that. You could let someone watch them while you are in labor and various times throughout your stay so you can have some alone time with the baby, and still all be together for the most part

  • Jennie
    May 02

    For my 2nd, my sister came down and watched him, as soon as the baby came, she brought him to the hospital and then my husband took care of him. For our 3rd, we had a home birth and our doulas helped with the 2 older. Our 4th, I had to be induced so we hired a babysitter. She stayed overnight with them and then my husband picked them up and brought them to the hospital. He brought them back home for bed and naps, but otherwise they hung out in our room until we got discharged. I hate hospital births for this reason. Hoping to have another home birth so we don't have to separate ourselves again.

  • Aje
    May 03

    I’m in the same position my son will be turning two around the time my twins are born. My husband won’t stay with my son and is insisting he needs to be with me. It’s nice but it’s difficult to get someone to watch him. My son is very attached to me. He won’t let even his dad put him to sleep he just wants mommy. He’s going to have a very rough time spending 3+ days with a relative. Idk what to do

  • Momof2
    May 07

    Our second one was born when our first was 2. Thankfully we have family nearby so my mom and MIL helped take care of her. I went into labor on Wednesday, I had her early Thursday morning & left the hospital on Friday. We felt comfortable only spending one night in the hospital since the birth was uncomplicated. Also having been through it before breast-feeding was much easier and we felt comfortable going home and The doctors were on board with the plan as well. The transition from 1 to 2 is really tough, but now my youngest is 18 months old and they are beginning to be affectionate with each other and play together so it’s really rewarding as well!

  • Jennifer
    May 17

    Congratulations! Ask for help in advance and if possible, the person who will take care of your child during your stay can spend some time with the child now. My mother took care of our daughter. Preschool just started when we had the baby in September. I prepared a week of clothing and a list of lunch options for mom to make the transition easy. When your husband goes home to spend time with the oldest child, FaceTime. Good luck and enjoy the new edition.