Reply to Poop training

How I did it with my daughter is like rewarding her if she told me. And always constantly ask if they need to use the bathroom. But for example I would tell her if you tell mommy you need to go pee pee or poo poo then I’ll give you a piece of candy or we will go to store for a little toy which I will go to the dollar store cause if I went to target or Walmart she would always want the big toys and eventually will be pricey but also I would always remind her about it like if you tell mommy you need to go pee or poo I’ll give you this or that and eventually she would just tell me “mommy I’m going pee or poo” or she sometimes would even ask for permission to go pee or poo and then she just calls me when she done so I can go clean her. It’s a working process but sometime you have to reward them on certain thing so they can do it and get that it’s like good job. And then also after she would go tell me and done using bathroom I’ll tell her good job and offer her if she wants a little piece of candy or a toy so they can remember what they did it good.