Reply to Comparing how much we help our parents/families?

Recently, my husband and I have been talking about this too. We loaned some money to my sister with her purchase of a house. If need be I’m gonna help my brother out too; which my husband is on board with. The thing is his mother has been asking him to help her with her mortgages; which I don’t agree with as she makes way more money than my husband but isn’t managing her money right. I’ve been sahm since our kiddo’s birth and that definitely throws a wrench in the money department. And like you I had more money saved up than him and helped pay for his credit card and student loan debt. Idk how u handled it or ur relationship or ur situation but we would have a war if my husband said something like that. Why would I need to sacrifice anything for his family; quit my job and gave him a kid.... in my opinion more than done. But, my situation is different as we r interracial couple and family was against the relationship and marriage.