Reply to To go back to work or not

I just finished my pre reqs for the nursing program. I work, but I just notified my job that during school, 30 hours a week is my max. It may be nice to make your own money, but the way I see it is the degree is more important. Once I finish college and get a job in my field I'll be better off, so if I have to sacrifice the job now then so be it. I also know that for me, I could not do barely seeing my child. If the job is 10:30 to 7, when are you supposed to do that? Say you do an 8am that ends at 9:15. You get home at 9:30 maybe. You're home for a half an hour to 45 min before you're back out the door to go to work. And then you get home from work at 7:15-7:30 ish. Depending on bed time, you may only have an hour tops with the kids. And in that time at home, are you focused 100% on them, or are you taking care of yourself? And if you're taking online classes, you'll be up doing school work and studying. I would really think it through because you're leaving yourself with very little time to take care of yourself and the potential to burn out is high. Plus, is it a job you want to keep? Once you finish your pre reqs and enter the nursing program , there are long days with clinicals and unless the hours for the job changed, you wouldn't be able to do the nursing classes and go to work.