Reply to I am trying to wean my 3.5 year old son. Need help! No judgement, please.

I'm on number 3 but breastfed all of them. It was easy to wean because I got pregnant again and had to stop. It changed the taste and want healthy for my pregnancy. I like the vinegar idea. Some kids just have "strong" personalities. Otherwise I had a similar issue with pacifiers for my 2nd child. She has them until 3/4 and constantly carried/slept with 3-4. The dentist finally told us we had to stop because her teeth were in an overbite. She didn't use them at daycare only at home. Finally I told her that big girls didn't use pacifiers and only babies used them. And the pacifiers would go away on their own because they were needed by babies. Then I proceeded to cut the tips off the pacifiers at random times until nothing was left and she threw them out. It too about 2 weeks. I had to sneak around and do it but it worked. No tantrum (yes). She had no choice and we refused to buy more. She was a big girl. But that personality traits will never go away so you will have to be firm eventually for something. It's painful for you but needed for them to know who's in charge. I'm still struggling with her for dominance. Lol