Reply to Won’t sleep more than 50 minutes, refuses crib

My first was very much like this and had reflux as well. Had colic for months too. For the day time, I wore him a lot. Like A LOT. Also, I reclined with pillows and held him to sleep on my chest at night times too, until he was about 4-5 months, then we started walking him to sleep in the stroller every night, and transitioned to a bedtime routine. By 6/7 months, he was putting himself to sleep at night in his own crib. We also really liked the rock and play (unfortunately recalled). Once he was asleep, I’d lay a swaddle into the rock and play, put him on it and swaddle him in there (never alone in the room). That helped him sleep a little longer, though not as long as when I held him. So I really just had him nap on my back a lot.