Reply to I am trying to wean my 3.5 year old son. Need help! No judgement, please.

I breastfed my son till a bit over 2 years. I was ready to wean, and I started to say that once he was a big boy he would not like the taste of my milk. I just kept repeating this over a few months, maybe it was weeks...anyway, one day I was determined that it was the day to be done, so I put some vinegar soaked cotton balls on my nipples, and when he asked for the boobs, I gave them and naturally he stopped as soon as his mouth tasted the vinegar. He said yuck! And I played along, asked what they tasted like, and said you must be a big boy now! And offered the other boob to see if it tasted bad too. And just the smell was enough to make him stop. I did this for a couple of days and boom, no more nursing. I would offer them, but nope, they tasted bad and he chose to stop. I think bc it was his choice he was ok with it. No tantrums. Try it. It’s the best thing I did.