Reply to Advice for parents who have a child with speech delay?

My son has autism and cant really speak; can only say Mama but only when upset and mostly babbles. I dont think yours have autism since she is able to say a few words.She is probably just a little delayed. Get her to copy you more, if she knows how to copy in movements or activities, she should be able to copy in speaking as well. Start with easy words and find something she is interested in and relate it to an easy word. Like if you have a ramp and a car, start playing with it and say “ready, set, go” when the car goes down, say it so many times while making the car go down the ramp then one day just say “ready, set...” and look at her intently for her to say “go”. Then she’ll say it. There are many activities like that, that makes her would want to say words, you just have to find an interest of hers.