Reply to Raising a baby without family near

Wow this sounds just like our situation! We are from Ca and moved to north central Kansas to raise our now 2 yo girl because of the cost of living as well as a lot of other things I didn’t want her exposed to in Ca- issues come with high populations- not just Ca. I have also been a SAHM since she was born and I cannot imagine it any other way but it was absolutely not possible in Ca with their cost of living- even with my husband having a great career. We ended up having to live with my in-laws and that was far from ideal so we made the plunge and moved here. We have completely started over and my husband is working much lower paying jobs until he can get into a career here which should happen pretty soon-it’s in the works. Anyway we are broke. BUT, we have a cozy house that we rent for $425 a month. Something we never could have had in Ca. Also his parents have already visited once and are planning on coming sometime this summer. (We’ve been here since sept 2018) Same with my parents and siblings hopefully. But to answer your question- if you like Kansas and staying home then stay there. You can always visit and they can visit you. Remember your husband and children ARE your family now and that’s what matters most. Try to get involved in your towns activities and meet some people and kids for play dates that will help with getting settled into your community. I don’t know what part of Kansas you live in but we currently live in Beloit and if your around here I would love to get together! Don’t move again unless it’s the absolute best for your husband and kids- not to be closer to extended family.