Reply to How to help autistic gender exploring tween?

I’d be asking where this came from. It’s a trajectory that’s hard to come back from. I have a friend that said he thought he could be gay when he was a kid because of the way another man treated him. He said that he thought maybe the guy saw something “gay” in him that made him doubt his sexuality. I believe the first step is to try and find out if this is the result of something specific. Also, help your little one understand how hormones will affect the body in the long run and if this is important enough to take those risks this early. Aspi’s are usually very intelligent and logical and can be reasoned with so that logic and reason can help make these big decisions. Aspi’s can also tend to hyper focus on one thing and can need a lot of help navigating through life situations like this. Keep up what you’re doing, but also don’t forget that you are the parent and the adult. While you want to be supportive, you also have to be the voice of reason and logic just in case this is just an exploration.