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Ear infections

What are your experiences with ear infections? Our little one has had constant infections since about March of this year. He’s been on 3 oral antibiotics and just finished an injection antibiotic today. Our PED is referring us to an ENT and says we may have to do tubes. We are going to check them again on Monday and if it not better we are headed to the ENT. My mom said that I had to take a sulfur drug when I was his age to knock out my ear infections. The PED says they don’t prescribe sulfur for little ones anymore. Any positive advice would be great. What have you been through with ear infection?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 05, 2019

    My daughter has had 5 ear infections since January now. Her pediatrician said its not a concern because of the time of year. I'm taking her to an ENT to see about tubes. She is terrified of doctors so the whole process is going to be traumatizing for her and upsetting for me.