Ear tubes surgery

My son who is couple days shy of being 11 months, is going into surgery tomorrow morning at 8am to get ear tubes. I know it is a simple procedure but I’m still a mom and my stress/anxiety have been off the charts! More so I’m worried about night feedings. He is not allowed to have anything after 12am. He’s a big boy and food is no joke to him so I pray to God it goes well and he isn’t so hungry...made sure to give him good dinner. Anyways any other parents had to go through that? My baby isn’t even a year old and has had over 7 ear infections in his life! So we finally said enough is enough and decided for the ear tubes. I just want his pain to go away. Please share your experiences I would love to read it!

  • Evelyn
    Jun 06

    Best wishes for an easy procedure and healing time!

  • Harsha
    Jun 06

    All is going to be well...

  • Jean
    Jun 06

    My son had ear tubes at 9 months. We actually gave a late bottle to him before the cut off just so he had something in him. Tubes was the best decision we made! Surgery is so quick and the recovery isn't bad. He was running around playing as soon as we were home

  • K
    Jun 06

    It’s hard, but once it’s over you will be happy you did it. My son had it at almost 2 1/2, now 4 still no infections! He was past night feedings but it was very hard when he woke up. I made sure not to eat or drink in front of him. The only suggestion I have is to have someone else comfort him if he wakes. Just get through this one night, might be rough, but worth it! Best wishes!!!

  • Charry
    Jun 06

    Hope all turned out ok?

  • Jennifer
    Jun 07

    It will be great. He was so much happier even the afternoon we brought him home. It will be so worth it for them to feel better. My sons speech took off after the tubes as well. I was able to give my son breastmilk up till surgery time. You might want to ask as they told me no food as well but breastmilk was ok.

  • Ana
    Jun 13

    I just saw this was posted about a week ago. How did it go? My daughter got her tubes in this year too and I was so nervous. It turned out to be so smooth and her speech has improved soooo much since!

  • Megan
    Jun 13

    My little one had tubes and adenoids taken out at 8 months. We woke her up right before the cutoff and gave her her bottle. Surprisingly she did very well. They did say if needed to sleep after that give an ounce or two of water. No more than that. She hasn’t had an ear infection since. We were skeptical because she had over 10 before that but it has worked wonders. 12 months later and the tubes are out and no problems since.

  • Foufou
    Jun 14

    Thank you all for your feedback and beautiful vibes, greatly appreciated. Everything went well, he had his last bottle just at the cut off and I let him sleep next to me that way I know he will stay asleep. Only time we had issues was an hour before they took him he just wanted a bottle to sleep. Other than that it was good. I will say I haven’t seen a difference I guess because he has been teething ever since. His 4th bottom tooth just cut through yesterday so hopefully this shall pass and he will sleep better. Also I read about speech? Yea I realized an increase in babbling a lot and trying to mimic the movement of the mouth. Again thank you everyone for being so supportive <3