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Early potty training.

I’ve started putting my 7 month old on the potty and she will pee almost every time and she has been pooping in the toilet the last 3 out of 4 times she has pooped. I feel like she actually is trying to go potty when I put her on the toilet. Has anyone done this early and what was you routine of time you took your baby to the potty? Would love some info on it?

  • Pad
    Jan 03

    At 7 months wow!

  • Christa
    Jan 03

    Yes!!! I started my son at 9.5 months - he’s now 11 months!!! I love training them this early, it’s so much better for them, learning to not be dependent on a diaper until they are 3,4 & 5 years old. I read “the diaper free baby” and stumbled in to this concept of Elimination Communication on accident, and I’m so happy I did! My son loves using the potty! We got a big boy potty and have it in our bathroom- so we take him EVERY time we go. He also asks to go too, he will crawl to the bathroom- and will keep going back if we don’t pay attention! Also, look up “Go Diaper Free” with Andrea Olson, and look up the book “the diaper free baby” both are fantastic resources. I also use pull ups and make it a very visual concept. I also use sign language with my son too- so I use “potty” and “poop” which helps for “cues” making the noises that Andrea suggests didn’t take with my son, but the sign language works amazingly. Each child will pick up their cues differently. Go momma go!!! The quicker you get them less dependent on diapers the happier you both will be. And the beautiful part of it is you can go 100% EC, and then you can also go part time, or just once in a while. At any rate you do this, the happier the child is! I’m a stay at home mom full time, and so I jumped into it 100% full time EC. However, there are days where we just put our son in diapers and off we go. I take a travel potty with us that fits in my diaper bag and if we go to the potty we take our son too. The only thing I’ve found is, my son is 100% like my husband- they won’t poop anywhere but home- he won’t poop in a diaper, but will wait til he gets home. My guess is as he gets older- it will get to where he can poop in places other than at home!!! (Sorry side rant!) It’s fast to pick up and you’ll love it once she gets it!! That many catches in the short time is AMAZING congratulations!!!

  • Ameena
    Jan 03

    Look up communication elimination on YouTube. There’s a lady named Andrea Olson and she gives really good info if u want to train babies to go potty. I’m attempting to practice with my one year old as well. They give u ques (since they can’t speak yet) that u can watch for when they need to go.

  • Tiana
    Jan 03

    Yep. We started with catching poops around 4 months because he was predictable in his pooping routine. My sons has been pooping in the toilet consistently from 12 months. We did pee pee potty training around 19 months. He’s 23 months now and dry except for 1-2 pee accidents per week