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Eating struggle

My almost 2 year old has decided he will eat only nuggets and fish sticks these days. He used to love Mac and cheese and be open to different things. I don’t want him to be hungry but he also has to eat more than this.

  • Megan
    Jan 06

    My almost 21 mo old daughter is starting to be more picky lately as well. But we don’t eat or buy those types of things so I’m not sure how to change that, but our daughter used to devour some baked salmon, cauliflower, and rice. Now she’ll only eat the rice. Things like that. So we just give her more options of healthy food. I do not like having to make multiple things and prefer she eats what we eat. I would suggest, as I’m going to as well, ask the pediatrician for advice. Eat what we eat or don’t eat til the next snack or meal is what I was raised with, and am leaning more into that for our daughter as long as the pediatrician says it’s ok. I don’t want her to go hungry and I hate the struggle, but right now I feel it’s more a power struggle and her trying to be the boss. I refuse to let her be. If she’s hungry she can have what we have or a healthy alternative.

  • Jennifer
    Jan 06

    He is going to the doctor for a checkup so hopefully they will have some good advice. I’m sure I worry more than I need to. Hoping it’s just a phase.

  • Laura
    Jan 06

    Read Child of Mine for advice

  • Julie
    Jan 06

    I follow kids eat in color on instagram and she gives a lot of great advice!! One thing she suggests that I do now is while I don’t cook “special “ food just for my toddler, I do make sure to offer one thing at each meal that I know she’ll like or want to eat. I try to make sure to rotate what that thing will be, too. Like berries and hard boiled eggs at breakfast, corn at lunch, and broccoli at hopefully throughout the day she eats one thing from each food group that she’s supposed to have.

  • Elle
    Jan 07

    Yes, thay's a great insta acct, love it