Reply to Park bullies

This used to happen to us all the time, but slightly differently. My daughter is 3.5 now, but when she was 2 we moved into a new neighborhood, and I took her to the park constantly to try to make new friends. She would approach kids her age (or slightly older) and say hi and ask to play, and it was always the kids her age that were mean and told her to "go away," "no, WE'RE playing here," etc. It hurts so bad. Strangely, the 7 and 8 year olds there were always happy to play with her. I always told her "Ok, these kids don't want to play, we'll go find some other friend." In one instance, a child was really rude and pushed her and I told my daughter that we don't play with kids who are going to be mean. And I'm also trying to keep in mind in those situations that while I'm trying to teach my daughter how to play and be around other kids, those other kids are learning how to be social as well. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. I also noticed that there was a difference in how well other kids played with her depending on which park we went to. The one in the town we lived in had more "well off" kids, but I also would drive sometimes to our favorite library in a more low income area that had a park. The kids at that park? LOVED to play with her. Not saying that's true everywhere, but you might try switching up your playspace and see if it makes a difference.