Reply to Mother in Law being unforgiving

I totally sympathize with you. Mother in-laws can be tough! I would not budge on your wishes for your daughter even if your mother in-law watches her (assuming you and your wife are in agreement). That’s really great that you child gets grandma time... but does not give her power over you (the parent). You and your wife need to be on the same team and back one another up. Your wife is in a tough spot between you and her mother... but you two need to find common ground about the care and treatment of your daughter. Also, it’s easier said than done... but try to not let someone else determine your mood and what kind of day you’re going to have. If your mother in-law wants to miss out on an event because of a disagreement with u... well then that’s her choice. (I hate when ppl cant put aside their differences for the sake of others around.) Good luck!