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Eczema remedies?


My 6 month old has been scratching herself so bad, (bug bites have added on to the problem) I’ve put on mittens but she just sucks on it and it gets icky. We’re tried oatmeal baths (doesn’t really seem to help). Dove scent free baby wash, Aveeno oatmeal wash and cream. Non scented Vaseline like her pediatrician told me. We’ve tried baths twice a week and frequent bath schedule as well. It doesnt seem like anything helps. Any suggestions? Creams or natural just anything to help her. Is there a certain detergent to use as well? Anything (food wise as well) I should keep away?

  • Raji
    Jul 30

    Try n check out noodle and boo; they have natural baby related bath, lotion and detergent products. My kiddo had mild eczema and I use their bath products and her skin is much better.

  • Hayley
    Aug 02

    We use CeraVe and it has been the most helpful. I tried many other ointments and creams and that is the best. However, when it gets really bad I use a prescription ointment called triamcinolone acetonide. It helps clear it up in a day or two and keeps the itching at bay. I also used tide free and clear.

  • Heather
    Aug 03

    Try some elimination diets to see if it is food related. My son had really bad excema and through the dermotologist and allergist we did some tests and found out he is allergic to eggs, cows milk and some others. Once we took these out of his diet, the excema resolved and he is much happier. Been quite the journey!

  • Marta
    Aug 06

    CeraVe and go to your pediatrician for a special ointment or stronger. My daughter has it and her doctor gave her a stronger dosage of cortisone