Reply to Babysitters

How much they’re expected to be paid, how flexible they are if you’re running late, what their availability is, how they want to be paid (our sitter prefers Venmo), what experience they have with kids and what age, if they have reliable transportation, are they cpr and first aid certified for children, how much they charge for each additional child (if you’re pregnant or planning to have more), how long they are going to stay in the area (the sitter we interviewed was still kind of young and we wanted to make sure she wasn’t planning on moving for school or applying for jobs outside of state anytime soon or we would be going through this process again), if they have ever had to contact a parent about issues with the kid and what happened, if they’ve ever experienced a difficult child and what they did, their views on discipline and if they ever had to discipline a child in their care... We also have a gun in our house and my husband is a police officer. We verified with her that she did not feel uncomfortable with those circumstances as we understand some people don’t like the police or feel uncomfortable being around guns. We also informed her of cameras in our home. There’s a lot of websites out there with great questions to consider asking a sitter. My husband thought I was going overboard with all these questions but it was so important since this was our first time leaving our son!