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Electronics, Yay or Nay?


I really dont like the way my son is mesmerized by TV and Kindle. I'm thinking about selling my kindle and switching back to physical books just because I dont want that as an option anymore. But I'm conflicted....the games are educational and have gotten him to sit still in waiting rooms and in long lines. I would like him to be exposed to the technologies of his generation but I myself can attest to the addictive nature of these apps and games. I could limit his screen time but he asks for the Kindle constantly and knows how to turn on the TV. Besides I'm not making any decisions yet and want to see what others are doing with their kids. Hes 2 btw.

  • Megan
    Mar 20

    Our daughter will be two next month. I’m not sure about the kindle/tablets cause we have never let our daughter use ours, but she has become more and more demanding for her TV shows. She got really sick for about a week and we let her watch it, snuggled up on the couch too much. But once she got better, we noticed she was paying way too much time watching TV, regardless of how educational and with it came bad attitudes and fits. And her attention span got much shorter. We ended up just cutting it out cold turkey. For her 2nd birthday I have requested people buy her learning books. Like how to write and read. We have been spending lots of time reading books and coloring in the mean time. Her attitude has been muuuuch better since cutting out TV. But this is just our story. Not sure if all kids have fits like ours due to TV

  • Laura
    Mar 20

    As far as our 2 year old knows, our TV only plays nature shows and cooking shows, and photos of herself. I haven't wanted to introduce any kids shows because I don't want her asking for them all the time. Keep screens as an option in a pinch (flights, long car rides, etc.).

  • Sara
    Mar 22

    We allow our 20 month old to watch 1 hour of TV at night before bed because it helps him get in "bedtime mode". This is when he sits still, drinks his milk and he knows its bedtime after that. In the mornings we occasionally let him watch 30 minutes or so of a cartoon while we are there with him. He doesn't sit still too long anyway. Once he starts actually playing with the device or goes to play with his toys, I put it away. I've been avoiding letting him watch my phone at stores or public places. I usually bring stickers (he loves those and they keep him entertained every time). However, I am sure if we were going on a plane or that sort of situation, a cartoon would be an option. It's very stressful trying to keep a child calm and quiet for 3 hours in a tiny space after 3 hours waiting at the airport.