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Empty yolk sac

Here’s a little backstory: I confirmed pregnancy on 8/21 with a blood test (Hcg 14.6) I had a miscarriage in July so they checked it again on 8/23 (39.6) and again on Monday 8/26 (173.2). My first appointment with my OB was 9/5, they did an ultrasound and were able to see a gestational sac, and a yolk sac but it was empty. According to their measurements I was about 5w5d. I go for a rescan on 9/10. I did not have this problem with my first pregnancy that also measured 5w5d on my first visit and they were able to see her and a get heartbeat. I’m trying to not freak out too much, my OB assured me she just thinks it’s too early since I do have the corpus luteum on my right ovary where the egg came from. Has this happened to anyone else? Any success stories?