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Evening routine - I get nothing done...!


Since I went back to work, our evenings are kind of crazy. We usually get home from daycare at 6:30pm and she never goes to sleep before 9pm. By the time she is asleep, our dinner is not ready, I am exhausted and I feel super frustrated that the apt is all over the place. Is that normal?!!

  • Diane
    Apr 03

    I think its very normal! But still frustrating and exhausting. If you have a partner, could you both tag team? For instance, Ill give my daughter a bath while my husband makes dinner. He’ll read her books while I wash the dishes, etc. Could you plan out some easy dinners so you dont have to really cook, just heat up or throw together quickly? Or make two big batches of something on the weekend to eat for dinners during the week. Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    Apr 04

    I agree. A combo of tag teaming with husband and making faster or premade dinners is key. Especially as she gets older and you’ll want to eat with her.

  • Alexandra
    Apr 05

    How old is your LO? I have my 2 and a half years old make dinner with me. She stirs the mix for pancakes, soup I made, etc then she takes a small sample of what “she made.” Involving her helps her want to eat it. Also, I stick with simple foods for dinner, so quartered apples with quesadilla and beans are a good example. Nothing takes too much of your time that way. I even bought her a mini Minnie Mouse sink to “wash” the dishes. I actually hand her a soapy one already done to rinse. It helps my routine so much but the first few times you implement these changes might slow you down. Short term you’ll need patience for long term pay off. I hope this helps.