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Ever wonder how your kids are - or how they're treating others - while they're at daycare?


My 9 month old started full time daycare mid-May. Since then I've seen some worrying things when I've come to pick him up. There were the scratches on his face a few times when I picked him up from daycare - nothing huge, but the scratches were almost touching his eye, that's how close they got. Another time there was an ink stain on his pants. The staff said nothing at every instance. I've seen them be rough with someone's colicky newborn (and I get it, my kid had colic, it's nervewracking, but still, whoa). I've seen them open a door and the door hit a crawling baby in the face on the other side - the baby of course cries but they just leave him there and say "Don't worry, mama will come, it's not time yet." And I've seen a toddler circle my baby, stand over him, and then rip a toy out of my baby's hands just after one of the staff had given the toy to my baby. Then he walked off far away from my baby's reach to play with the toy without him. My baby is not only younger and smaller than the toddler. He's a preemie, he's behind on his developmental milestones, not mobile yet, and very quiet. He didn't have a chance. Toddlers are old enough that you can say no and teach them what they did was bad. And by the way that toddler went out of my baby's ability to get back the toy, and the fact he looked back to see if my baby will scream for an adult, it was obvious the toddler knew what he did was wrong. I told the staff what I saw. They just chuckled it off. I don't like seeing my baby bullied and worry how much more he's subjected to when I'm not there. Is that toddler also taking toys and gear that we bring to the daycare specifically for my baby each day? His special sleep aids, favorite toys, soothers? Mind you, this is a daycare that has the highest ratings and high reviews from parents on yelp. This daycare is supposedly among the best in this city. Is this the best I can hope for? Am I being overvigilant? Serious question, because this is our first time with daycares and I honestly don't know. And what should I do to make sure my kid doesn't get bullied if staff won't raise a finger? What would you do if it was your kid ripping the toys out of younger, more vulnerable babies? Everyone worries about their kids being bullied. How many of you could accept it if someone complained to you about your kid bullying theirs?

  • Melissa
    Jun 11

    That doesn’t sound normal to me... my daughter was scratched and even bitten by other kids when she was at daycare but they called me and had me sign an incident report when I picked her up. When the biting became a reoccurring issue, they assured me that they were working with the other child and her parents and had a progress plan in place. I would probably start looking for other options if I were you...

  • Morgan
    Jun 11

    I would find another daycare

  • Anonymous
    Jun 11

    New daycare. Pleeeaaaasee get a new daycare. They can chuckle it off now but someday there going to hit a baby in the face wit a door too hard and find them seriously injured or worse. Clearly they dont care about the children they have there or else they would acknowledge your concerns.

  • Juliana
    Jun 11

    I would switch daycares. Trust your gut. I don’t always believe the ratings cause they can easily be written by family and friends.

  • Jenn
    Jun 12

    I agree that you should switch. My LO has been going to daycare since she was 4 months. She is now 13 months and she loves her daycare. She gets hurt or bit, but I always get a call and incident report. My daycare also has an app so I know what is going on and they post pictures. The biggest sign I know she likes it is she wants to stay when I go to get her sometimes lol.

  • B
    Jun 12

    I’d switch. My daughter comes home hurt or scratched occasionally, but anything bad they call me. Minor scrapes they don’t. But the other stories are disturbing. They aren’t even faking caring when a parent is around...

  • Kieli
    Jun 12

    I worked at a daycare that was in my bosses home. She was a totally different person when the parents were around. If the kids were being “too noisy” because her husband couldn’t hear the TV she would come and literally scream “SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!” There was another time where my class (which was the little kids 0-3 years) didn’t get enough food to feed every kids but 1 ravioli each and like 2 carrots. When I tried asking for more for them, they told me they would be fine until the next snack. They also wanted me to go on yelp and google and give good reviews so other parents would bring their kids there. So I wouldn’t rely too much on yelp. Hearing all that is going on, and working in an environment that sounds slightly similar, I would stop taking your child there immediately. Working in that environment has made me very cautious and even scared about daycares/babysitters that I don’t know.

  • Mrs. HHH

    Kieli that story of your firsthand account is terrifying! Ughhh imagine how many other evil “caregivers” are being paid a big sum of money to take care of our most precious children when in fact the opposite is true. I talk to my son after every time I pick him up from daycare. I ask questions and probe information out of him. I feel bad for the kids who can’t talk or communicate what’s happening to their parents. Not to ramble but nothing makes me more livid than hearing about childcare providers abusing and neglecting precious young innocent kids. Yes kids are hard; probably harder if they’re not your own but then go do something else for a job if you don’t like kids ya know?!!! Ok done rambling. Stay safe

  • Jenn

    Please switch daycares. This is not normal. Go to other daycares for tours and observation. Use your gut. I hope legal action is taken against these terrible people.