Every emotion=screaming

My daughter is 20 months and still doesn’t really talk much so she expresses every emotion with a loud shriek or scream of some sort. She gets scared she screams. She gets upset she screams. She gets excited she screams. She gets happy she screams. She even laughs with a scream. I want to help her express her emotions in a way that is more appropriate but I don’t want to make her feel as if I’m punishing her for being happy or excited and I’m afraid when I say ‘no screaming’ all she hears is ‘don’t be happy’. Anyone have any pointers on how to approach this without making her feel like she’s bad for feeling her feelings?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 25

    Welcome to parenthood. She’ll outgrow it, as she gains more words. You can narrate, “ you’re so happy!” “You’re so mad!” “You’re feeling surprised,” etc.

  • Melissa
    Jan 25

    This is hard I know as I'm dealing with the same thing. Literally reading this and it's my child too! A girl also, unfortunately I have help. Now I have made a extra effort to explain everything and describe every little thing. Here the past couple weeks she had days she try's talking some. A big issue is she sometimes attempts but we cant understand her. She literally comes and drags you to wherever or what she is wanting. Though most I pretty much know what it is. I am hoping she just up and starts talking. Later speech therapy is she doesn't improve

  • Annie
    Jan 26

    My issue isn’t so much the not talking. I know when she’s ready she’ll do it. Of course it’s frustrating for both she and I when we can’t understand each other but like you said I’ve learned what she wants based on her babble like ‘help me’ is ‘me me me’ and I’ve taught her a few signs to express when she’s hungry and thirsty or if she wants more of something or is finished with something. what I’m trying to figure out is just how to get the screaming down to an appropriate level or try and teach her some other way to express happiness or excitement other than punishing her for screaming. I don’t want to tell her no when she screams to express that she’s happy because I’m afraid her mind will translate it to ‘happy is bad’ and that would just break my heart if she felt like she couldn’t express herself when she has an emotion. I like the idea of..once she quiets down asking her ‘are you happy?’ ‘Are you scared?’ ‘Are you sad?’ Like someone posted on here. Thanks for the tip and I will be trying it out.

  • Melissa
    Feb 02

    I am struggling with same thing, hoping she'll grow out if once talking well