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Exhausted momma

Help! We’ve tried everything to get my 11 month old boy to sleep through the night, not to mention he’s teething right now 😓 any helpful tips on how to get through this season without losing my mind? We have tried chew toys, vanilla extract, baby Tylenol, white noise, fan, no lights, at this point I am just trying to let him cry it out but feel so helpless 😪

  • Pad
    Mar 28

    Where Tylenol didn’t work to reduce pain or discomfort Motrin usually did. They all eventually sleep through the night just never on our time table.

  • Stacey
    Mar 28

    We have used Tylenol for teething and cold teeth cew things. When have white noise and an auto shut off light and music maker in his room. We will let him cry for 5 minutes to see if he can calm himself down. After that we will go in and make sure he still has a pacifier and not thrown them out of the crib. We change his diaper if he needs it and hive him a drink of water and then rock with him in the dark for a little while. If he cries when we put him back in the crib I we will rub his back or yummy for a while he stays in the crib and if he stands we lay him back down again. Once he is calm we will turn on his music and sneak out of the room. He will sometimes cry after that but only a minute or so. If not we wait the 5 minutes and start again. We almost never had to do this more then 2 times a night. A few time we has to do 3 rounds but usually now 1 is enough and we only need to do it maybe once a week.

  • Kerry
    Mar 28

    Did he sleep thru before teething? If not how does he normally fall asleep. Is he hungry maybe coming up to the 12 month growth spurt?? I also agree with Pad with the ibuprofen for teething if tylenol isnt helping much. Im not a fan of cio, Ill let my son fuss a little but when he cries or screams im in there snuggling him. Also if he cries to get me in there ive learnt that cry its slightly diff thats the only time i leave him a fee mins before going in. Have you tried to stay in his room till hes asleep or rock him, pat him. Some times with my son he just needs extra help to get to sleep. Also do you nurse or use formula?

  • Jess
    Mar 29

    The teething and the sleep might be helped by keeping ice ice cold water in an insulated glass filled with his pacifiers - pop one in for a min and swap it out for a new cold one - after a few rounds of that he may be soothed and be able to sleep - worked for my daughter