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Expecting Baby #2 - Should I Stay Home?


Looking for some insight from both working and stay-at-home moms. I'm currently a WAHM - I'm a consultant on contract work and my son stays home with me full-time. He is almost 2. We just found out we are expecting Baby #2 right as my contract is nearing an end and it has me thinking if I should leave the workforce and stay at home full-time or work part-time on the weekends to get out of the house. Our son is starting pre-school in the Fall as we found a place that has pre-school type setting for 2-4 year olds. He's only going part-time MWF. So, would it even make sense to stay home? Idk... if you left the workforce to stay home after 1 or more children, how do you feel? Any regrets? Pros and cons?

  • Aye
    Jun 11

    I left work 4 months before my due month, I had a 7 month old and it was just getting to be a lot. Work was stressful but i found myself dreaming about it 😅 being a sahm isn’t any easier, there is no breaks. And everyone thinks you have it easy which you don’t. I suggest a work at home job or part time., I miss making my own money. Also if you do stay home it can get lonely so join some mommy groups.

  • Elle
    Jun 12

    Two thoughts: 1. If it's not a "hell yes!!!", it's a no/not right now. 2. Studies show that the time spent unemployed as a SAHM, turns out is never able to made up for in terms of career progression or wage earning ability. So, if you do it, you gotta really really want to do it, and go into it with eyes open.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 12

    That's some really great advice - thank you so much. @Elle

  • Christine
    Jul 04

    I left a six figure work from home job after #2 was born. No regrets. My kids are now loved all day and I have more time to myself in the evenings not having to think about work. I don’t miss my job one bit and I’ve decided I don’t care if I never go back! Staying at home is isolating sometimes though so it’s important to find other moms and stuff...