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Extra income


Hi all! My husband works 48 hours/week in two days so he is home four days of the week. I’m looking for any ideas for part time work OUTSIDE of the home. I’m not interested in delivery services (ie. Grubhub) or Uber as I’m a woman and feel uncomfortable around men I do not know. Basically what I would love to find is a little something that I can do while my husband is home and can stay with the kids so I don’t have to pay a babysitter (which would defeat the purpose of me working). Also, he is never home the same four days every week so that’s what proves difficult in finding an out of the house job. One week he might be home Tuesday through Friday and another week he may be home Saturday through Tuesday. For instance, I couldn’t get a retail position and expect my boss to allow me to work different days every week unfortunately. I know this is a specific list of requirements but I do appreciate any suggestions! And if you’re wondering, I don’t prefer to “work from home” as I’m a SAHM and I’m home enough, with lots to do like taking care of the children along with all of the chores that go along with that. Mama needs some out of the house time! Thanks!