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F bomb


My husband curses quite a bit. he didn’t before or I didn’t really notice it before we had kids. I tell him not around the kids and he says it’s just a word. Now my 16 month old drops the f bomb 🙃 any advice

  • PK
    Jul 10

    Ignore it... or redirect and correct him with another word... “do you mean truck?!?” And hold up a toy truck. It’s just a word that can get them in trouble at school. I always tell my husband that if our son gets in trouble for his words at school then he gets to go in for that teacher conference. Since then he’s been doing a bit better. I also glare at him when he says a bad word... and it helps some. I’m a scary woman 😝

  • Destin
    Aug 24

    I have told my husband since our daughter was born...please watch the language around the baby...she will pick up what we say...and guess who is going to school when we get that phone call?!? It’s not gonna be me!! Lol once they don’t get a big reaction like they want from the word they will prob forget it even exists, but that’s only if they don’t keep hearing it again and again. Maybe he could just make an effort to try not use bad words in front of your kids. Or at least try and tone it down a little. Send him to school to deal with the teachers! That might make him think twice about dropping the fbomb around your lo 😁