Reply to Separating after baby comes

I haven't been through this but wanted to give you support and say it sounds like you and your husband will be a better team apart than together. In this case, drastic change will make life better. You may find it easier because you won't be drained by dealing with your husband and can focus all your energy on your kids and yourself. You may even get more breaks as a single mom than if you stayed married when the dad has the kids. And "family" comes in different shapes- your family network may be built in unexpected places- an older woman at your workplace or a neighbor who may be more than willing to help out a young mother- don't be shy about asking for help. Maybe there are support groups in your church or local Y. And make sure you take care of yourself- eat well, sleep when you can and I know it's easier said than done but try not to dwell on your loss but rather your blessings of two beautiful children. You can do this- one day at a time. Look at all the people on this site- they are reading this and I'm sure cheering for you. I am!