Reply to Home schooling.

Hi! Homeschool momma here 😊 my oldest is 8 and in the second grade. We’ve homeschooled since she was three and wanted to start school (and was ready for a light preschool load). Homeschooling is a fantastic option. I don’t agree with the way the PS teaches in addition to several other reasons. Any child, public schooled, private schooled homeschooled or insert any other education choice will have gaps in their learning. You cannot learn all there is to know in 12 years. There is also this myth that you need to ‘socialize’ your children and that you can’t do that at home. Sure my daughter isn’t around 30 other kids her age (learning all their bad habits. Haha) but she goes to the grocery store, talks to our mail man and trash folks. We do a weekly bible study and we do a coop, where she interacts with kids of all ages. I’m trying to figure out how to make her less social! 🤣. We also have a three year old and a one year old and their relationships are beautiful. Academics speaking, she’s thriving. She loves to learn and that is my goal, to teach her how to learn and to foster the love for learning. And one of the best parts of homeschooling? We’re spending 2 weeks in Disney world during the least busy time of the year! (Excuse any typos, my phone is typing weird today)