Reply to Body image issues after having my baby

Wow I needed to come across this post actually started to comment and got upset and went to bed...I was always strong never skinny but comfortable in my skin and now it just sucks. It sucks getting ready for work, it sucks getting ready to go out on date night and to put a swim suit on is just miserable. I’m not over weight but I’m not ‘me’ and it’s horrible. I miss that person I miss being strong and feeling like I could do anything and enjoying myself in life. I’m not comfortable in swim suit around friends, clothes don’t fit properly it’s rough and discouraging. I work up to 12 hours a day and my job mentally exhausts me which makes me not want to work out when I get home. I try hard not to be too hard on my self- I’m thankful for this journey and that my son is happy and healthy I just wish I felt that about myself. Stay positive momma we have to right