Reply to My LO just turned 1. What are good lunch options for him to eat at daycare?

Will they heat your LOs food up for them?? My daughters daycare provides lunch but there are a few things I know she won’t like so on those days I just pack her leftovers from dinner the night before. But my daughters daycare will warm the food so it tastes okay. Also I don’t like my daughter to eat some fruits or veggies that I know will constipate her (she’s frequently constipated) so for substitutes of those snacks I send in things like blueberries, strawberries, grapes, etc. all sliced up of course. Also if your LO isn’t picky and you’re in a time crunch, I always have a jar of sunbutter and jelly for a sunbutter and jelly sandwich. I’m assuming your center has a no nut policy and sandwiches like that should be okay. Also if your daycare has a snack cubby for your child, I make sure my daughters cubby has things like raisins and dried cranberries as well as those cheddar bunny crackers and honey graham crackers. I also send in sunseed crunch bars from Enjoy Life. They’re not terrible for her and she likes them. I know the crackers aren’t the greatest thing but I do worry sometimes that my daughter will get hungry (I’m not sure why I worry about this since her center provides breakfast, lunch, and two snacks) so I like there to be other options for her in her cubby if she suddenly decides she wants more.