Reply to Potty training and day care

My daughter is 21 months. She’s 100% potty trained at home while awake. In daycare she has to wear a diaper till she transitions to her next room where she will be able to wear a pull up or diaper or underwear or whatever. So at school she’s still really good about telling her teachers she has to pee or poop. She’s about 80% trained there even with the diaper. Yesterday I picked her up from daycare, she was in a diaper and hadn’t gone potty for 1.5 hours. I took her to the kids toilets in the room, her diaper was dry and she went on the toilet...then on the way home I realized I had to stop at the store. She was still in a diaper and told me she had to pee. I took her and she went again and her diaper was still dry. I’m not sure if she just “gets” it or what, but so far (knock on wood) this has been the easiest milestone!! Good luck. I suggest talk to your daycare teachers and gauge expectations based on what they can do for you.