Reply to Male daycare teacher?

Hello! I work at a daycare with 2 males. One is a school-age teacher and the other is in the toddler side with me. My son was a baby and attended before I started working there...and I admit I was a little wary about it because I didn’t know him. But when I started working there, the director did tell me the males don’t change diapers. Even now I wouldn’t care they are both great with the kids. My son is almost 3 and loves playing with him. I know it is worrisome because males working in a daycare isn’t common. A lot daycares teachers do have assistants since toddlers need 4:1 ratio and rooms are right next to each other any teacher can peek on each other. Not trying to invalidate your feelings, things can always happen. but yes if you’re uncomfortable you should go talk to the director. Maybe the teacher wasn’t happy the visit was during nap time. A lot of daycares don’t like to give tours or have parents pick up during those times, once one kid wakes up it can be a complete domino effect.